The viscous cycle

What is it with kids man…
The vicious cycle of hoovering cheerios, blocking my hoover and then having to create a new meal, that WILL be scattered and hidden in my shaggy play room rug (absolutely not a euphemism btw). Only to find the little one eating a 4 day old nugget that got buried in there, or even get some damn cucumber on my bare feet.brrrrrrrr.

The endless days of, can I play blocks? Can I play lego? Wheres the pens and paper? and of course all the paper has one tiny scribble on and now they need more paper – which I do not have…
And what about the loo rolls, can we stick the loo rolls together?SELOTAPE HAS ANYONE GOT SELOTAPE!
And now its another mealtime, that i have to prepare for you, too not eat again!
And i HAVE TO RINSE an incredible amount of ketchup down the sink….

And the endless cycle between Toy story, Paw patrol, Frozen and Bing freaking bunny…shoes on, shoes off, coats on, coats off.. Too hot, too cold?


And if you didn’t read that at super speed, you’re doing it wrong 😂

Published by The Dempsey diaries

Just a mother, telling you of my shit stories, trying too hard to make you laugh.

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