you know, for quite some time i assessed every picture i posted.

I added filters and even sent them to friends for what would be THE BEST picture to post.

My pictures included, full makeup, push up bra and plenty of breathing in.

When my 4year old was first born, i kept up these appearances, hair extentions, tight skirts, full face.

But more recently in an aim to be more relatable-and… Really just give a more honest approach of life as a mother, I’ve been posting the FIRST picture i take… Without the makeup, without the hair. With my gut looking just like guts look.
And honestly… Its freeing, it’s like a strange weight has been lifted.

And people still love me, people still like my posts, people still comment.

And i see the girls, working hard to keep these appearances up, scared to be something that doesn’t look like what we see on the Internet,
but I’m urging you, if like me your keeping up appearances – we ARE NOT Kardashians.

We don’t have to be scared of our ulfiltered, unmodified, selves.