Around 3 years ago, i had a nearly two year old-I’d not long been made redundant from my hairdressing job of years – on CHRISTMAS EVE.

Life was… Well.. Abit scary.
I landed a job as a cleaner in a local department store, i LITERALLY scrubbed floors.
I got up at the crack of dawn to hoover their rugs, buff and sweep – and the absolute worst…THE HOURLY CLEAN OF THE TOILETS which FYI some people are absolutely GRUBBY😱.

For people who like cleaning, it was a job, but for me-someone who thrived off conversations and interaction – it was sh*t. I FELT ABSOLUTELY NO SATISFACTION CLEANING MENS URINALS. EW.

I never could see where i was going to get-i felt people looked at me like i was JUST that cleaner. Just get the cleaner to do it, just call her on the tanoy, she’ll do it.

Nearly 3 years on- i never would have guessed that I’d be walking straight past that department store to the local Waterstones to see MY OWN BOOKS.

Never would i have thought that I’d ever have that chance, that i would ever be so lucky.

I am incredibly lucky, humbled, but most of all, i am SO SO AWARE that i wouldn’t ever of been here without people who believed and had visions for me-this wasn’t off my own back, this was people who TRULY BELIEVED in me, when i barely believed in myself.

I am forever grateful to you all.
Thankyou ❤️