Yesterday was the first time I’ve not felt confident in what feels like my whole life.
I have always been-FAIRLY petit.
I’ve always been confident with or without my clothes on,
I mean you wouldn’t catch me walking round aldi in the noddy like, but I’ve never been ashamed or uncomfortable.

There’s so many girls 10x my size who i idolise, i think they look amazing, their confidence shines through and their outfits look perfect on them.

I, like many have gained some lockdown pounds and they’re not the kinda pounds i wanted ha- Yesterday i just felt really.. Crap.
And i just need some help in how the hell to dress?
Because i felt a shadow of myself, i walked past so many full length mirrors and hated what i saw, found myself trying to cover up and breathe in..
I bought a top and had to get changed in the toilets, because when you’ve lived for so long in a body, and it changes it is REALLY hard to navigate what to wear – especially in a climate where we can’t even try clothes on in store. It’s my birthday next month and no matter what size or shape i am, i want to be back to my confident radiant BAD BITCH self SO can anyone help me with what on earth clothes i can wear to flatter my, rather round,self 🙂

because at the end of the day, there is NOTHING in this world worth giving up pasta for.

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