This blogs not for everyone.. In fact many of you won’t understand this at all, but this picture makes me SO happy, it makes my soul sing, my heart feels full and warm.
When i was a child I didn’t celebrate Christmas, i was brought up as a jehovahs witness, my childhood wasn’t stripped of magic or love but I’ll always remember the feeling of going round my cousins house, where they had this beautiful tree, and hand written labels on presents, the glow of the lights and the tinsel and i always wished i had that.

I never knew that one day i would be brave and walk away from a religion that didn’t suit me, my beliefs, or how i envisioned my life to be, but at around 15 years old.. I did.
By 16 i had my own place and my first tree and each year I’ve gotten a little more “grotto” like. People think I’m nuts having everything up but honestly i just want to stretch as much magic as i can get.
I want my children to ALWAYS have that warm, happy christmassy feeling, like i did at my cousins

I’m so lucky that i have this beautiful home, with my perfect glitter Christmas tree, and gingy and kiddies to enjoy it.

I truly am so grateful i have this life now. So so grateful.

P. S don’t worry, i won’t be soppy for long.. Back to funny and swearing real soon. But for now… Ah 🎄✨

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