Whyyyyy is putting kids to bed so hard?!

The first child lured me into false sense of security.
The second on the other hand,
I’ve put her to bed, we said goodnight, did kisses. Within half a flight of stairs shes calling me
“mommm… Mom, more bot bots”
So i oblige. More bottle. Ok. Sure.
We say goodnight, i leave.. 30 seconds goes by…
“mommmmmm, Bo-people” (bo-peep toy) .. I give it a minute to see if it passes..
“BO PEOPLE, BO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!” she shouts rattling her baby gate like a caged animal.

I proceed to take BO PEOPLE up to the bedroom, where my little lady demands that Bo people is tucked in, kissed and also given bot bots.

Me being the dickhead i am, obliges.

“goodnight… Love you”

I’d love to say this is where that ended but add on around 42 up and down trips of the stairs, various different things, diddys, blankets, THE CORNER of the blanket,Hot, cold, i kissed around 26 characters all tucked in, and fed.
and then she may aswell have just friggin demanded a diamond from the queens crown!

Honestly…i just want one night of watching shit TV without the stairs workout.. 🙄😂

P. S i don’t want tips, advice or anything.. Just a rant.