Dearest folky folk.

I often hear how people should WORK and not be stay at home parents.

Stop being lazy- show your kids the way to live.
Give them an example to be hard working.

Just know that this month I’ve worked 2 jobs,
And not even broke even on my childcare fees (AND THATS WITH TAX FREE CHILDCARE)

I’ve given time, energy, petrol, early mornings, very late nights, and I’m not up a single penny, after paying out my 2.5 year olds nursery and my sons afterschool. God forbid if I buy my lunch from the works cafe, I’ll be minus money!

So please.. Before judging and lecturing folk about staying home- realise that sometimes it simply ISN’T WORTH IT.

Anywho, if anyone wants to grant me some kind of lottery win, or a nice job that pays a cracking wage.. Please do.