I’ll never have an instagram kid, you know the ones i mean, muted colors and clean backgrounds and hair done.

I’m not calling you out… I’d love one. I would but damn man, my kids are dirty 30 seconds after being dressed.
I don’t really own kid socks in pairs any more, unless i JUST bought them.. But once they’ve been washed, they divorce.. Its that simple, one stays and one returns periodically for a bit of fun.

They LOVE those shitty flashy character clothes with the plasticy stuff that goes weird in the tumble dryer.. and I’m sorry but i refuse to spend ANY spare time ironing.

I can use the time eating, i can use the time netflixing, or.. I can use the time screaming that it’s bedtime… I am NOT using it to take creases out of clothes that are going to have ketchup handprints on as soon as they come out of the wardrobe.

The other thing is, EVEN IF i bought the cute plain insta worthy outfits- my kids arent gonna pose. They’re not.. They’re just NOT.
I don’t know if its cause i didn’t prep them from birth… But… Its not happening for me.

So insta moms.. For real I APPLAUD you cause honestly… I can’t do it 😂