Fast approaching 30 with no REAL idea on what the actual foooook I’m doing.
I might look like someone who has it together (humor me) but honestly working out what I want in life, from a job… Is just HELL.
I’m stuck between dreamland believing that i should love and enjoy my job whilst making a crackin’ wage and the reality of needing a 9-6 that requires smart clothes that pays my damn bills.

I hear most weeks how I’m living in dreamworld and need to live real life and honestly.. I just don’t know whether to suck it up and enter the real world.. Or keep trying for that whimsical job I’m praying for..

A job that pays more than breaking even on childcare, whilst allowing me to be the creative, rainbow glitter loving nutter that I want to be,whilst not compromising family time.
Arghhhhhh… I don’t wanna settle.
But…. Maybe I’ll have too.