Thinking out loud about how funny it is that there’s so many street parties going on for platty joobs – don’t get me wrong, I’m excited like… Truly I am,

I’m hoping the weather’s hot so we do it proper British style, you know, undercooked barbie food (I mean we’ll BBQ it even if it’s raining like.. Cos once the barbies out.. Its out isn’t it.?)
Serious sunburn, pissed up dad’s who decide to nearly break a limb on the hired bouncy castle and at least one or two arguments that have been stewing for good measure. Probably over the parking on the street, someone’s scatty kids and the neighbour who never accepts the parcels for you.

But like, also, those folk you’re chowing down on a jam and cream scone with, were curtain twitching, slagging you off on Facebook for breaking lockdown rules and dobbing you in for having 2 walks a day.

So if anyone brings out lots of the same food, generously, for the platty party.. Just know that was the bugger stockpiling and pushing over old ladies in Tesco….

Oh and god forbid any of you lot set off fireworks for this event, we’ll hear about it for weeks on the local Facebook groups 🙄

Happy Platty Joobs everyone. ❤️👑👸