swimming lesssssons let’s talk about that?!!

We recently started swimming lessons for my 5 year old.

They’re so important! – I need to know that whilst on holiday hes not going to go under and require my assistance when I’m 12 down from the all inclusive 🍹(I joke. sort of)

But I didnt expect the pure stress and carnage of them, they’re only half hour lessons but it’s a military procedure to be there, be ready, with goggles and a towel and getting a spot to get dry in.

The stress I feel when there’s 25 wet 3-6 year olds toddling about a slippy overcrowded room fighting for a spot.. urgh.
(Although on the odd occasion I’ve managed to get one of the two curtained dressing cubicles, I’ve been a right smug b*tch.)

On top of this-the lesson itself, I’m sure I’m not meant to be watching with my heart in my mouth as he swallows more water than I’ve used in a week.Whilst the teacher commends his.. “good effort”

OH AND… the HEAT the HEATTTTT… Holy hell, I had to bring my toddler along today who kicks off because she wants to swim too 🙄
imagine dealing with a little sweaty screamy octopus in what feels like the DEPTHS of hell
whilst trying to get off a wet swimming costume elbow to elbow with a woman who CLEARLY stole my drying spot 👀

so yeah, that’s my review of swimming lessons.
it would all be a lot more palatable with a takeaway martini.