We are NOT kardashian

you know, for quite some time i assessed every picture i posted. I added filters and even sent them to friends for what would be THE BEST picture to post. My pictures included, full makeup, push up bra and plenty of breathing in. When my 4year old was first born, i kept up these appearances, hair extentions, tight skirts, full face. But more recently in … Continue reading We are NOT kardashian

24 7

It’s 24/7It doesn’t matter if you’re poorly, exhausted or have had the day from hell. Parenting doesn’t have a break, you can be at breaking point and your children get a sickness bug and Blam… No rest for you. It doesn’t matter if its your anniversary dinner or your once in a lifetime trip.If the babies sick, the baby is sick.If your toddler wants mama, … Continue reading 24 7

The viscous cycle

What is it with kids man…The vicious cycle of hoovering cheerios, blocking my hoover and then having to create a new meal, that WILL be scattered and hidden in my shaggy play room rug (absolutely not a euphemism btw). Only to find the little one eating a 4 day old nugget that got buried in there, or even get some damn cucumber on my bare … Continue reading The viscous cycle

I made it.

Sometimes it’s hard to see how far you’ve come.For me anyway. I’m constantly striving for more and more and it’s like I’ve forgotten that I’ve moved so far, so fast. 4 years ago i was writing little stories about my day and someone said, gosh you should totally blog about this. And i sat and thought… Meh, i suppose i could? And it began!Just a … Continue reading I made it.

Miracles ✨

Miracles do happen, and its something I’ve been lucky enough to experience so now i believe. But watching them happen over and over again is something that makes my heart sing. My fertility journey was rough, heartbreaking, emotional ,and long winded.I got my happily ever after with my gorgeous babies who annihilated my lady garden on their way into the world. But they’re here and … Continue reading Miracles ✨

The kid.. And the dick.

The story of the dick – and my kids face…… Ok it’s not QUITE as bad as it sounds. Believe it or not. Still frowned upon. Anyway, I’ve been trying to be a better person recently, seeing all these sea turtles hurt by our rubbish in the sea,and you know just trying to be abit better in the rubbish department. Turns out going through baby … Continue reading The kid.. And the dick.

I’ve published a book…

So I wrote and illustrated my own book and I can’t believe I’ve actually done it. ALL ABOUT PREGNANCY an area of expertise for me I feel,purely based on my own experiences anyway haha. It took me a gazillion errors,a lot of stress and all sorts to work out exactly how to format the book and send it to be printed.I sent it to publishers … Continue reading I’ve published a book…

Run even though you’re slow

Yesterday i spoke to a mom friend from work, I’ve not seen her in 2 years due to both our maternity leaves.She told me she reads my posts and loves them and asked if i had a literature degree or anything?I laughed.. And said nah.. I was rubbish at school.And the truth is…. I’m rubbish at writing. My spellings are terrible. My punctuation’s barely ever … Continue reading Run even though you’re slow

This is motherhood

This account was always here for me to tell the truth about motherhood and I’ve moved away from it recently but feel it’s right to share my day.. If you can relate, feel free to vent it out in the comments, this is a safe space. Today has been the type of day where I’ve been ready to pop my darling little crotch goblins (children … Continue reading This is motherhood

Pooper scooper

Picture the scene, a lovely bath plenty of multi coloured plastic shit floating about -little pink chair,fluffy towel and creams all ready and waiting for a clean little snug baby girl. I got her in,she splish splashed,all was going well…I got a smidge preoccupied with a Bailey Sarian video that had popped up.But I thought hey it’s fine as I sat next to the bath … Continue reading Pooper scooper