I’ve published a book…

So I wrote and illustrated my own book and I can’t believe I’ve actually done it. ALL ABOUT PREGNANCY an area of expertise for me I feel,purely based on my own experiences anyway haha.

It took me a gazillion errors,a lot of stress and all sorts to work out exactly how to format the book and send it to be printed.I sent it to publishers and agents full of hope.

I’m still waiting on many replies from them but my spontaneity couldn’t wait much longer so I launched it as a self published book instead.Don’t get me wrong,I won’t make much,in fact…I’ll likely only make pennies but I still feel so proud.It’s been exciting finding packaging and stickers and getting it just perfect for that final push.

My first day got 19 sales and I’m sure most of those are pity but damn…I’ll take them,I’m excited for what’s next. Though i don’t think I’ll be Waterstones best author illustrator just yet haha.

If you’re interested in buying my book CLICK HERE Thankyou for all your support as always

Love yourself first.

It’s about love.
But it’s about loving yourself the most.

It’s about giving yourself the love you so willingly give to others,

It’s not about a “if I had someone I’d give them everything”
It’s about giving YOURSELF everything and when you’re ready letting someone in to see you as their EVERYTHING.

So if you’re alone. Single. A mama.A widower.In a couple.married. Please give YOURSELF love.treat yourself kindly.
We so often forget ourselves but this valentines please make yourself a priority.

Big loves you beautiful beautiful people.