Love yourself first.

VALENTINES WEEKEND 💝It’s about love.But it’s about loving yourself the most. It’s about giving yourself the love you so willingly give to others, It’s not about a “if I had someone I’d give them everything”It’s about giving YOURSELF everything and when you’re ready letting someone in to see you as their EVERYTHING. So if you’reContinue reading “Love yourself first.”

Home school.

I want to talk to you, the parents homeschooling – those of you printing worksheet after worksheet.Getting a text from “Mrs Hoohar” asking where your submitted work is? Children learn- NONE STOP, trust me! The second i said SHIT my one year old was bellowing it out for the neighbours to hear. But importantly learningContinue reading “Home school.”

The benchmark of 30

I’m worried I’ll never make my mark before 30. I don’t know why 30 is the number I’m particularly bothered about making it by, but it sits in my head like a ticking time bomb and the truth is.. I’m really truly scared I’ll never be at the place i want to be, by then.Continue reading “The benchmark of 30”

You can’t do it all. Stop trying.

Hey YOU!Yeah you, sippin’ your wine, giving yourself a hard time about how your days been. I need you to stop that. parenting is REALLY hard.Being a working parent is INCREDIBLY HARD.being a stay at home parent is BLOODY TOUGH.Home schooling and working from home is just…. Words CAN’T describe it. And doing that inContinue reading “You can’t do it all. Stop trying.”

We need to make it through

I know this announcement has hit people hard.. In fact i think people even who haven’t struggled with their mental health find this a massive struggle, So I’m here to say that WE ARE going to get through this. It’s gonna be tough, really REALLY tough. But if anything is for certain it’s that weContinue reading “We need to make it through”