As some of you may be aware if you’re an avid reader of my blogs or even perhaps you’ve caught a glimmer on one of my podcasts – I have unfortunately struggled years of infertility and miscarriages.

Birmingham live did a story you can read on me here.

It’s something that I have been so incredibly lucky and blessed to have overcome but with that, I have the deepest empathy for other people struggling to conceive or carry a child. So much so,that it led me to try and help people in this situation with an IVF fundraiser.

Because if you can help, you should

It’s still very much a small community of amazing people soldiering together to try and raise money for desperate-to-be parents.So far we’ve managed to raise £3000 for one couple who have now begun treatment and are currently aiming to make £5000 for another amazing couple.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of please join our Facebook group where we do lots of fun things to raise money or if you would just like to donate ,please use the paypal and type IVF in the box, or we have a PayPal just at the bottom of this page


Thankyou all so much for reading.

Ivf fundraiser

If you would like to donate to the ivf fundraiser please use this link