Miracles ✨

Miracles do happen, and its something I’ve been lucky enough to experience so now i believe. But watching them happen over and over again is something that makes my heart sing. My fertility journey was rough, heartbreaking, emotional ,and long winded.I got my happily ever after with my gorgeous babies who annihilated my lady gardenContinue reading “Miracles ✨”

I’ve published a book…

So I wrote and illustrated my own book and I can’t believe I’ve actually done it. ALL ABOUT PREGNANCY an area of expertise for me I feel,purely based on my own experiences anyway haha. It took me a gazillion errors,a lot of stress and all sorts to work out exactly how to format the bookContinue reading “I’ve published a book…”

Birthing partner – don’t steal my sweets

Things my birthing partner REALLY NEEDS TO KNOW about labour and birth… Feel free to add things! *YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING AT ALL DURING MY LABOUR. *. I want you to be supportive, but also know when not to utter a FUCKING WORD. *.stroke my hair, but DON’T TOUCH ME. *.ifContinue reading “Birthing partner – don’t steal my sweets”

An open letter to my partner…

Dear partners, In advanced warning – no we’re NOT in the mood. YES we are f**king fed up. YES You should order takeaway again (and dont you dare emphasise the AGAIN or mention our slimming world membership ) And ABSOLUTELY YES get another bottle out. this won’t be forever, we don’t REALLY hate you, orContinue reading “An open letter to my partner…”

Wouldn’t change a thing.

I moan a lot about the tough times in parenting but the truth is, i love it. I love when i can sit in the cinema *pre covid* guilt free and when the movie gets to the funniest bit, i check out the little dude giggling beside me. The night feeds absolutely killlll me, butContinue reading “Wouldn’t change a thing.”