A night off from being mom and dad.

You kinda lose it don’t you? As much as you both don’t wanna admit it.. As much as your family is everything you longed for.

The family days out are amazing and you’d never want to give up this life but…. You do miss the fun or a spontaneous date,
Not worrying about a little person walking in on you getting frisky,
How energised and great your body felt pre – family life..
Pulling different kind of all nighters.

Now there’s swimming lessons and packed lunches and getting the last minute school uniform done..
Night feeds and bickering about who’s more tired.

You wouldn’t change it.
But i think it’s massively important that to keep the spark, you need to find yourselves again.
Get a babysitter. Have a wild night. Get blind drunk and pretend you’re on a dodgy video… (you know)
Hold hands and be the couple you were when you first started dating,
You’re better parents when you’re a solid, happy couple
And although you will lose it, you definitely gotta find it again. ♥️

Wouldn’t change a thing.

I moan a lot about the tough times in parenting but the truth is, i love it.

I love when i can sit in the cinema *pre covid* guilt free and when the movie gets to the funniest bit, i check out the little dude giggling beside me.

The night feeds absolutely killlll me, but when i go in the next morning, she hurries to get up and puts her arms out to me with the most huge smile.

I love seeing them learn something new and notably how proud they are of it.

I love when they give you a cuddle for no reason at all.

I love when we’re all just sat as a family enjoying the moment..

So i do need wine to make it through this experience that is true… But i love it. And I’d never change a second of it.